Coperion Recycling Innovation Center is Up and Running

New Coperion Test Center for optimizing plastics recycling

Image: Black and white detail of two open hands. The left hand holds snippets, while the right hand holds small beads; Copyright: Coperion GmbH

Source: Coperion GmbH


Recycling Machinery on the Cutting Edge of Technology

Image: Exterior view of the modern Coperion Recycling Innovation Center; Copyright: Coperion GmbH

The ultramodern Coperion Recycling Innovation Center in Niederbiegen near Weingarten, Germany has successfully launched operation. Copyright: Coperion GmbH

Photo: Interior view of part of the Coperion Recycling Innovation Center with numerous machines and pipes spread over different floors; Copyright: Coperion GmbH

Coperion has equipped its new Recycling Innovation Center with the latest technology for every essential recycling process step – from material handling, feeding, extrusion, compounding and pelletizing to material postprocessing and deodorization. Copyright:


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