Lignin-reinforced PLA: innovative bioplastic from KraussMaffei and Synergy Horizon

Image: Granulate of lignin-reinforced PLA, behind it an object made from the material; Copyright: KraussMaffei

Lignin-reinforced PLA: 30 % lignin for improved properties. Natural antioxidants, higher strength, controlled degradability. Copyright: KraussMaffei


Bio-based plastics innovation: lignin as a key component

Lignin: from by-product to innovative filler

Process optimisation and increased mechanical performance

Image: ZE BluePower 28 laboratory extruder; Copyright: KraussMaffei

Up to 30% lignin incorporated into PLA matrix with the ZE Blue Power 28 laboratory extruder. Special screw configuration and innovative technologies enable precise processing at a low temperature. Copyright: KraussMaffei

Additional benefits and applications

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