Special concrete additive made in Costa Rica

Plastic waste as a valuable resource for the construction industry

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Image: Blue and white houses; Copyright: CRDC

These Habitat for Humanity houses are providing low-cost housing for hundreds of local families. Copyright: CRDC


Image: Man with grey beard; Copyright: CRDC

Donald Thomson, founder and chairman of the Center for Regenerative Design and Collaboration. Copyright: CRDC

Image: grey pellets; Copyright: CRDC

This Resin8™ aggregate is made from all types of mixed, often dirty, plastics waste and then used to modify concrete to improve its properties. Copyright: CRDC

Image: plastic-Blocks; Copyright: CRDC

CRDC's process can accommodate all types of discarded plastics (#1-7), from industrial, municipal and environmental waste streams. Copyright: CRDC

AEPW gets behind the program

Image: concrete blocks; Copyright: CRDC

The construction company Corporación Pedregal in Costa Rica has been making huge numbers of Resin8-modified concrete blocks. Copyright: CRDC

Image: houses made on concrete blocks; Copyright: CRDC

The blocks made by Pedregal have been used to construct some 700 Habitat for Humanity homes in Costa Rica so far. Copyright: CRDC

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