Artistic duo brings Lucite and epoxy to life with color and light

Italy’s Draga & Aurel launch stunning furniture collections at the Milan Design Fair

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Image: Seating group made of coloured cast acrylic Lucite panels; Copyright: Todd Merrill Studio, NYC

Draga & Aurel cut, shape and then join colored cast acrylic Lucite sheets to ensure that each piece in the collection is unique. Courtesy of Todd Merrill Studio, NYC


Image: Aurel working in the lab; Copyright: Piero Gemelli

Basedow, seen here working in the Draga & Aurel laboratory, is a skilled painter who trained previously as a carpenter and woodworker. Photo by Piero Gemelli

Image: Flare Collection; Copyright: Todd Merrill Studio, NYC

Part of the Flare collection, these hand-made pieces illustrate the dramatic effects that light and color can have. Prices start at $25,000 each. Courtesy of Todd Merrill Studio, NYC

Celebrating the properties of epoxy resin

Image: Applying the colour in the laboratory; Copyright: Riccardo Gasperoni

Coloring and painting the components and pieces is a precise, painstaking process. Photo by Riccardo Gasperoni

Image: Tables with glaze; Copyright: Riccardo Gasperoni

The duo designed this Glaze collection exclusively for Milan-based Nilufar Gallery. Photo by Riccardo Gasperoni

Launching a Flare

Bild: Table 'Tinted Hues'; Copyright: Federica Lissoni

The Glaze collection, called Tinted Hues, features cool colors –– blue, lilac and green –– on the Lucite, giving it an overall effect of depth and three-dimensionality. Photo by Federica Lissoni

Introducing the Glaze collection

Image: Draga & Aurel portrait; Copyright: Piero Gemelli

Designer Draga Obradovic (left) and painter Aurel K. Basedow are partners in life and in art. Photo by Piero Gemelli

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