Innovative fiber technology could revolutionize building construction

"Winding" houses instead of building

Image: Close-up of the exterior of the Texoversum at Reutlingen University; Copyright: FibR GmbH

Copyright: FibR GmbH


Photo: The Texoversum at Reutlingen University with its gray fiber structures; Copyright: FibR GmbH

The Texoversum at Reutlingen University is a reference object for a new technology that could revolutionize the construction industry: The components of its façade were wound from fibers and fixed with Covestro's Desmocomp® system. Source: FibR GmbH

Photo: Large robots wind carbon fibers in a hall; Copyright: FibR GmbH

The sophisticated construction was designed on the computer and is based on carbon fibers wound by robots. Source: FibR GmbH

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