Huafeng, Cyclone and Covestro collaborate to provide sports shoes and shorts with reduced carbon footprint

Image: Close-up of hanging gray clothes in a textile industry; Copyright: wirestock

Copyright: wirestock


The next generation of textile coating

Image: A pair of the sustainably produced sports shoes in white and yellow with a Germany flag and the words "Haptic Art" on the side; Copyright: Huafeng

The design of the sports shoes for Team Sonnenwagen was produced using Huafeng's proprietary HAPTIC® Art textile coating system with partially bio-based INSQIN® PU dispersions from Covestro. Source: Huafeng

Toward a more sustainable sportswear industry

Photo: Detail of the body of a person wearing the shorts of the new sports equipment with a yellow seven and a light blue polo shirt; Copyright: Huafeng

This is how the shorts of Team Sonnenwagen's new sports kit look like. Source: Huafeng

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