Using circular economy principles to recycle toys

Interview with Johanna Bialek (Co-founder), Fridolin Pflüger (Co-founder), Felix Schulz (Co-founder), Roman Maletz (Waste management specialist), Florian Schinagl (Content Manager), HolyPoly GmbH

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Image: Slinky Toy; Copyright: Philotheus Nisch

Slinky toys are a popular children's toy that appear to be able to run up stairs or delay their free fall. Source: Philotheus Nisch


Image: the team of HolyPoly in a conference room; Copyright: HolyPoly GmbH

The HolyPoly team; Source: HolyPoly GmbH

Exhibitors and products around machines for recycling:

Image: plastic gets shredded; Copyright: HolyPoly GmbH

First, the plastics are sorted and shredded. Source: HolyPoly GmbH

Image: blue granulate; Copyright: HolyPoly GmbH

Subsequently, the recycled material can be put to a new use. Source: HolyPoly GmbH

Image: colourful toy that looks like a DNA-strain; Copyright: Philotheus Nisch

Source: Philotheus Nisch

Kyra Molinari (Editorial team K-MAG)

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