Image: Two red cars parked next to each other; Copyright: duallogic

Covestro and HiPhi launch joint laboratory on advanced material solutions for future mobility


The two companies Covestro and HiPhi are launching a laboratory to solve the key challenges of future mobility. The focus will be on promoting the use of low-carbon solutions, drawing up relevant standards and developing intelligent surface technologies and battery solutions.
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Image: Illustration showing various products made of fibre composites; Copyright: herone GmbH

Lightweight construction: customised thermoplastic fibre composite profiles enable more sustainable flying


When flying, every gram determines the fuel consumption of the aircraft. To make air travel more climate-friendly, aircraft must become lighter. This can be achieved with components made of plastic, especially fibre composites. The start-up herone produces such. The special thing about them: They are thermoplastic fibre composite profiles with customised properties.
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Image: Several car tires stacked on top of each other ; Copyright: AZ-BLT

Dow launches the world's first recyclable silicone self-sealing tire solution


The company Dow has announced the launch of the world's first recyclable self-sealing silicone solution for tires. The new silicone sealant technology, called SiLASTIC™ Self-sealing Silicone, is designed to form a self-sealing layer on the inside of a tire.
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Wonderfully versatile: Plastics shape the car of the future


The versatility of plastic is one of its strongest characteristics, and it makes it particularly popular amongst designers. Plastic is also a favored material for BASF's design team: in collaboration with Citroën, the chemical company rethought the classic car - with plastic as the central building block that made the implementation of the innovative concept possible in the first place.
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"Designers love solving problems."


Sue Neuhauser and Page Beermann of Faraday Future talk about the opportunities for CMF in the automotive industry.
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Photo: Person with blue gloves applying coating on scratches of car surface; Copyright: Iakobchuk

A new self-healing coating material


A transparent protective coating material that can heal itself within 30 minutes when exposed to sunlight has been developed by a research team from the Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology (KRICT).
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Röchling BioBoom: bioplastics make cars greener


Alongside many other industries, the automotive sector is also moving in the green direction. Electromobility is booming. However, plastics produced from non-renewable raw materials such as petroleum are also installed in e-cars. Röchling Automotive has recognized the need for bioplastics that meet the high requirements for automotive applications – and has developed BioBoom.
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