Machine crochet for textiles and components

Interview with Dr.-Ing. Jan Lukas Storck, project manager in the Research on Materials for Functional Textiles and 3D printing (MTex³) working group at Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences

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Image: Hands crocheting a yellow round circle with a crochet hook; Copyright: envato

Copyright: envato


Picture: Dr. Jan Lukas Storck (right) with a colleague; Copyright: HSBI

Dr. Jan Lukas Storck (right) with a colleague. Copyright: HSBI

Picture: Inner workings of the prototype crochet machine; Copyright: HSBI

CroMat is the name the team from the Textile Technologies working group (MTex³) at HSBI has given its prototype for the world's first industrially scalable crochet machine. Copyright: HSBI

Simone Ernst (Editorial team K-Mag)

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