Photo: Project STOP employees take a tour of the new materials recovery facility; Copyright: Project STOP

New material recovery facility opened in Banyuwangi under Project STOP's expansion program


On September 16, a large materials recovery facility was inaugurated in Songgon Municipality, Indonesia, built in collaboration with the Banyuwangi Regional Government. Project STOP Banyuwangi, supported by various stakeholders, aims to establish a circular waste management system in Indonesia and achieve positive environmental impacts.
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Image: Close-up of the exterior of the Texoversum at Reutlingen University; Copyright: FibR GmbH

Innovative fiber technology could revolutionize building construction


Reutlingen University has opened the unique Texoversum, an innovative center for the textile industry with a groundbreaking fiber-wrapped façade. The novel technology could revolutionize construction by creating lightweight, resilient structures and saving resources.
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Image: A 135-ton crane at the Infiltrator plant helps to set up the new large-scale machines; Copyright: ENGEL

Breaking boundaries: Delivering gigantic injection molding machines across continents


8000 tons in weight, a good 30 meters long – how do you manage to ship such a gigantic injection moulding machine across the big pond? In an industry where logistics and size present special challenges, ENGEL has managed to master them with expertise and a cooperative approach.
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Image: Plastic pallet in orange; Copyright: trans-o-flex

Logistics: eco-friendly and economical transport with plastic pallets


Eight to ten times on average a wooden pallet is used in the handling area of logistics before it shows a defect and has to be sorted out. This is neither particularly economical nor good for the environment. Pallets made of plastic offer a more sustainable solution.
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Image: interior of a logistics warehouse; Copyright: vanitjan

Parcel logistics: the future belongs to reusable plastic boxes


Cardboard dominates parcel logistics. Shrinkage and return transport costs have so far been too big hurdles for reusable containers made of plastic, even though there is a lot to be said for them in terms of sustainability. BOOXit overcomes these hurdles – and adds one on top: the reusable system is not only sustainable, but also robot-compatible.
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