Breaking boundaries: Delivering gigantic injection molding machines across continents

Interview with Anders Nybäck, Sales Director Technical Moulding, ENGEL AUSTRIA

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Image: A 135-ton crane at the Infiltrator plant helps to set up the new large-scale machines; Copyright: ENGEL

Copyright: ENGEL


Image: Anders Nybäck; Copyright: ENGEL

Anders Nybäck. Copyright: ENGEL

Image: A special transporter delivers a clamping plate weighing several tons; Copyright: ENGEL

Special transporters were used for some of the machine components – here, for example, for a 117-ton fixed clamping platen. Copyright: ENGEL

Image: View of the machine's tool room; Copyright: ENGEL

This picture shows the mold room alone. This already suggests the length of the entire machine which amounts to 29.3 meters. Copyright: ENGEL

Nastassja Lotz (Editorial team K-MAG)

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