Educate, empower, inspire: Zukunftsmobil imparts plastics knowledge to young people

Interview with Nick Link, Trainee Business Administrator for Digitalisation Management & Head of the Zukunftsmobil, Pöppelmann GmbH & Co. KG Kunststoffwerk-Werkzeugbau

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Image: Children are shown a plastic object; Copyright: Pöppelmann

The Zukunftsmobil makes a stop at the Lohne Industrial Museum: Here, the trainees explain how a mould works, which can be used directly with the hand-operated injection moulding machine. Copyright: Pöppelmann


Image: Nick Link; Copyright: Pöppelmann

Nick Link. Copyright: Pöppelmann

Image: Children at the hand-operated injection moulding machine; Copyright: Pöppelmann

Of course, the young plastics researchers are allowed to take their self-made product – for example a small spinning top – home with them. Copyright: Pöppelmann

Image: in-house designed shredder in use; Copyright: Pöppelmann

The self-designed shredder in use. Copyright: Pöppelmann

Image: Apprentice gives a clear insight into the production of granulate at the extruder; Copyright: Pöppelmann

Practical teaching material: With the self-built extruder, the trainees provide a clear insight into the production of granulate. Copyright: Pöppelmann

Elena Blume (Editorial team K-Mag)

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