Formative, fascinating, sustainable: Working in the plastics industry

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Image: Apprentices are shown a machine; Copyright: envato

There is a wide range of apprenticeship and study opportunities in the plastics industry.


Career opportunities in the world of plastics

Image: Production of plastic cans; Copyright: envato

The plastics industry covers many different areas of application. Due to its great importance, the plastics industry remains a growth sector.

Studying: From university to the world of plastics

Image: Students in the lecture hall; Copyright: envato

You can learn all about the production, processing and application of plastics in the various study programs.

Future- and practice-oriented: Apprenticeships and further education in the plastics industry

Image: Engineer showing a CNC tool making machine to an apprentice; Copyright: envato

An apprenticeship in the plastics industry is a great way to enter the world of work directly and gain valuable experience.

Plastics: A workplace of the future

Image: Employees working on a sustainable project; Copyright: envato

In the plastics industry, more and more emphasis is being placed on sustainability and future-oriented work.

Sarah Dietsche (Editorial team K-Mag)

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