KraussMaffei: The Champions League of apprenticeships

An interview with Thomas Deser, Teamlead Appreticeship, about the new generation of apprentices, the shortage of skilled workers and changed requirements in the working environment

Image: Thomas Deser; Copyright: KraussMaffei

Copyright: KraussMaffei


"By 2025, we want to be the first choice in eastern Munich when it comes to apprenticeships." – Thomas Deser, Teamlead Apprenticeship

Image: Group photo of apprentices at KraussMaffei with Thomas Deser; Copyright: KraussMaffei

In mid-April, Thomas Deser congratulated 38 apprentices on successfully completing their apprenticeship. It is particularly important to him that the young people have learned a lot by then and have grown with their tasks. Copyright: KraussMaffei

"With the site in Parsdorf, we have arrived in the Champions League of apprenticeship." – Thomas Deser, Teamlead Apprenticeship

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