Image: industrial chemical plant; Copyright: CreativeNature_nl

Global Impact Coalition: Net-zero Chemical Industry


Charlie Tan has his work cut out for him. The 30-something, London-born Brit/Malay last November became CEO of the newly reconstituted Global Impact Coalition (GIC). The GIC has the stated aim of transforming the global chemical industry to net-zero by 2050.
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Picture: Children in Africa collecting plastic waste; Copyright: envato

Recycling solutions for a sustainable future


WILDPLASTIC® has set itself the goal of ridding the world of “wild” plastic waste and offering innovative recycling solutions. The Germany-based company differentiates its products through the unique use of plastic that is recovered from the environment to be recycled and reused as granulate.
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Image: several bioplastic products made of olive pits; Copyright: Biolive

Bioplastics Made of Olive Pits


Biolive, a pioneering biotechnology company, has launched a new biopolymer production facility in Istanbul, Türkiye, capable of producing 9,600 tons annually. Using olive pits as raw material, this innovative process aims to replace fossil-based plastics, offering a sustainable solution for the plastics industry.
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Image: small, colorful plastic parts enlarged with a magnifying glass; Copyright: SKZ

Digital Recycling Tool: CYCLOPS


An innovative tool called CYCLOPS – Circularity Optimisation for Plastics has set itself the task of closing the gap between the need for information and the supply of recycled materials. By providing comprehensive data and assessments, it helps companies to make more sustainable decisions and organise their production processes in a more environmentally friendly way.
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Image: Hands of three men bending over economic analysis; Copyright: itchaznong

VDMA Calls for Courage and Innovation in Difficult Times


The associations of the plastics and rubber machinery industry are facing significant challenges. Geopolitical changes, high energy costs, and declining order intakes require new strategies and bold decisions.
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Image: example of the patch-based laminate design using Cevotec's Artist Studio Software; Copyright: National Composites Centre

NCC Enhances Circularity in Aerospace Manufacturing


The National Composites Centre (NCC), in collaboration with Munich-based Cevotec, showcases a sustainable solution for aerospace manufacturing waste, aiming to reclaim up to 80% of dry fibre material. This proof-of-concept could revolutionize waste management practices by utilizing innovative Fibre Patch Placement technology.
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Image: PET bottle production plant; Copyright: gumpanat

Partnership in PET recycling drive sustainability forward


The world of plastic recycling has witnessed an outstanding alliance between two important players in the recycling industry: GANESHA ECOPET Co., a division of the largest Indian PET recyclers – GANESHA Group –, and SOREMA, the division of Previero Srl specialized in the construction of plastic recycling plants.
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Image: 3 men in hard hats press the symbolic start button in a solemn ceremony; Copyright: BASF

World's First Electrically Heated Steam Cracking Furnace


BASF, SABIC, and Linde have inaugurated the world's first large-scale electrically heated steam cracking furnace at BASF's Verbund site in Ludwigshafen, Germany. This demonstration plant, which consumes 6 megawatts of renewable electrical energy, is designed to test the technology's potential to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by at least 90% compared to conventional steam crackers.
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Photo: Thomas Philipon, CEO of TotalEnergies Corbion and Suvi Haimi, CEO and Co-founder of Sulapac; Copyright: private

Pioneering sustainable solutions in the cosmetic industry


TotalEnergies Corbion and Sulapac have joined forces to advance sustainable practices in the cosmetics sector, emphasizing the integration of recycled and biodegradable materials into product packaging, fostering a more eco-responsible industry.
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Image: Detail of the new stretching machine; Copyright: LyondellBasell

Stretching Machine for Masterbatch Development


LyondellBasell, a prominent player in the chemical industry, has recently integrated the state-of-the-art KARO® 5.0 laboratory stretching machine from Brückner Maschinenbau into its research and development facilities in Ohio. This strategic enhancement is set to significantly advance the company's ability to develop and test masterbatch solutions tailored for various oriented film applications.
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Image: Close-up of an old plastic tool housing part; Copyright: HolyPoly

Closed-Loop Factory: from waste acceptance to product manufacture


Recycling begins even before disposal. The entire life cycle of a product should be considered as early as the development stage. The start-up HolyPoly supports brand manufacturers throughout the entire recycling process. Their mission: to make plastics recycling a matter of course. To meet the growing demands, they recently opened the Closed-Loop Factory.
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Image: Person operating a tablet on an industrial machine with robots; Copyright: panuwat -

AI in the Plastics Industry: Sustainability & Innovation


AI is revolutionising modern industry. Thanks to it, complex processes can be automated or efficiency increased. In the plastics industry, AI not only plays a decisive role in the optimisation of production processes and the development of new materials. It also enables more precise waste sorting and therefore better recycling – a benefit for the environment!
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Image: All-electric EcoPower Xpress; Copyright: WITTMANN

All-Electric Injection Molding for Thin-Wall Packaging


Heinrich Axmann GmbH & Co. KG in Cologne, Germany, has made a significant shift towards sustainability by adopting an all-electric injection molding machine, the EcoPower Xpress, provided by WITTMANN. This move has led to a reduction in energy consumption by over 30% for producing thin-walled packaging, marking a significant step towards eco-friendly production methods.
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Image: In-house cooling system; Copyright: ONI-Wärmetrafo GmbH

System technology: energy efficiency in the plastics industry


The plastics industry faces the challenge of harmonising efficiency and sustainability without compromising on performance. With a unique portfolio of products and services, ONI-Wärmetrafo supports plastics processing companies in becoming more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, which is of immense importance, especially in times of rising energy prices.
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Image: Rendering of the world's first biorecycling plant in France; Copyright: CARBIOS

World's First PET Biorecycling Plant


In a significant advancement for sustainable materials management, CARBIOS has teamed up with De Smet Engineers & Contractors (DSEC), renowned for its Engineering, Procurement, and Construction services in the biotech and agro-processing sectors. This collaboration aims to launch the world's first PET biorecycling plant in Longlaville, France, set to be operational by 2025.
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Image: PFAS graphic; Copyright: Francesco Scatena -

Fluoroplastics in focus


The debate about fluoroplastics and their environmental impact is reaching new heights. While environmentalists are calling for a ban on PFAS (perfluorinated and polyfluorinated alkyl compounds), industry associations are warning of the far-reaching consequences for numerous areas of application. A look at the arguments and challenges.
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Image: Map of Europe with a plastic bag and a few coins on it; Copyright: tanaonte -

FAQ on the Plastic Tax


In response to the growing environmental impact, the EU has introduced the so-called plastic tax – a step that has far-reaching consequences for the plastics industry and raises many questions. Our FAQ offers you a detailed overview of the new tax regulation. Learn everything important about the objectives, effects, and critical voices from the industry regarding the plastic tax.
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Photo: Aerial view of the white building of Integra Plastics AD; Copyright: Integra Plastics AD

Borealis to acquire Integra Plastics AD, an advanced mechanical recycling player based in Bulgaria


Borealis announces the signing of an agreement to acquire a 100 % stake in Integra Plastics AD, an advanced mechanical recycling player based in Bulgaria. The investment will strengthen Borealis’ advanced mechanical recycling portfolio.
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Photo: Martin Weger (center back) with his management team at the St. Valentin plant. A man in the middle holds up the prize; Copyright: ENGEL

ENGEL St. Valentin wins production contest


The ENGEL large-scale machine plant in St. Valentin was named "Factory of the Year 2023" in Austria, winning both the overall award and the "Efficient Factory" category at the factory conference in Bludenz. The award is based on outstanding results in various categories, including a sustainability strategy.
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Photo: Frank Kössig and Dennis Sagel holding their certificates for the 2023 Günter Schwank Award, surrounded by other ARBURG employees; Copyright: ARBURG GmbH + Co KG

ARBURG trainees get Günter Schwank Award 2023


Two former ARBURG trainees, Frank Kössig and Dennis Sagel, have been awarded the Günter Schwank Award 2023, which is presented by pro-K for outstanding achievements in the plastics processing industry. The two received certificates, 1,000 euros in prize money and are now members of the "Club of the Best", where they receive regular invitations to network meetings.
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Photo: The founding team of Polytives GmbH (from left): Oliver Eckardt, Viktoria Rothleitner and Prof Dr Felix Schacher in a laboratory; Copyright: Susann Nürnberger

Saving energy in plastics production: Polytives wins 2nd place in the Lothar Späth Award 2023


Polytives GmbH, a spin-off of the University of Jena in the field of plastics technology, was awarded second place in the Lothar Späth Award for its cooperation partnership with the university on 16.11.2023. The company, which emerged from Prof. Schacher's working group, develops innovative plastics solutions for energy optimisation in production.
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Image: Several wind turbines next to each other in a wind farm; Copyright: perutskyy

Repsol strengthens its alliance with Pontegadea through a 618 MW renewable portfolio


Repsol has formed a new alliance with Pontegadea, incorporating them as a partner with a 49% stake in a portfolio of renewable assets valued at €740 million. This partnership strengthens Repsol's strategy of bringing in investors to accelerate their renewable energy goals, which include reaching 6,000 MW of installed generation by 2025 and 20,000 MW by 2030.
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Image: ZE 28 Blue laboratory extruder against a white background; PowerCopyright: KraussMaffei Group GmbH

Laboratory extruder relaunched: ZE 28 BluePower


KraussMaffei Extrusion GmbH recently presented the ZE 28 BluePower high-performance laboratory extruder in a new design. Higher efficiency, shorter delivery times and greater cost-effectiveness were the focus of this development.
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Image: Apprentices are shown a machine; Copyright: envato

Formative, fascinating, sustainable: Working in the plastics industry


The plastics industry offers a wide range of career paths in various disciplines. Each has its own focus and gives the opportunity to promote sustainability in the industry.
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Photo: Detail of a person sitting in front of a laptop with the Ultrasim® simulation competence open; Copyright: BASF SE

Particle foam perfectly distributed thanks to simulation with Ultrasim®


BASF SE's Ultrasim® simulation portfolio for plastics applications is now also available for manufacturing processes of components made of particle foam components. The application starts with the expanded thermoplastic polyurethane (E-TPU) Infinergy® and expands BASF's proven simulation portfolio for plastics innovations
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Image: Woman in a supermarket taking a carton of milk from the shelf; Copyright: RossHelen

Digital compass to sustainability: lifecycleValueCalculator analyses economic and ecological potentials


Profitability and sustainability are not opposites – on the contrary! KraussMaffei's lifecycleValueCalculator proves it: the digital tool calculates the current status of plastics processors' products and shows them their individual potential for improvement. This enables them to increase their production efficiency and achieve their ecological goals at the same time.
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Photo: Aerial view of the Rialti SPA complex, which is surrounded by greenery; Copyright: Rialti

Borealis expands its mechanically recycled plastic compounding capacity with closing the acquisition of Rialti S.p.A.


Borealis has finalized the agreement to acquire Rialti S.p.A., an Italian polypropylene (PP) compounder for recyclates. With the acquisition, Borealis expands its portfolio of PP compounds based on mechanical recyclates by 50,000 tons per year and is committed to accelerating the transition to a circular economy in the spirit of EverMinds™.
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Image: Yellow and brown traceless® materials in the form of granules, paper coating and film application; Copyright: traceless

traceless materials secures €36.6 Million Series A to build first industry plant for bio-circular alternative to plastic


The bioeconomy start-up traceless materials has closed a financing round of 36.6 million euros, led by UB Forest Industry Green Growth Fund and SWEN Blue Ocean. The company produces a sustainable biomaterial that serves as an alternative to plastic and combats plastic pollution.
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Image: Detail of a person typing on a laptop computer keyboard; Copyright: donut3771

The one stop shop for digital solutions: ENGEL integrates software company TIG


ENGEL is gradually expanding its customer portal e-connect into a production portal. In addition, a solution from the inject 4.0 family for bidirectional data exchange between simulation and injection molding machine has been expanded and now also works with MOLDEX3D.
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Photo: Children and adults are gathered in a circle around a table doing handicrafts; Copyright: ZOOM Kindermuseum/Natali Glisic

Borealis supports ZOOM Children's Museum in promoting playful learning in new interactive exhibition "WELCOME TO THE FUTURE!"


The company Borealis is supporting the ZOOM Children's Museum in promoting learning through play in the new interactive exhibition "WELCOME TO THE FUTURE!" The new hands-on exhibition can be visited from October 4, 2023 and is designed to inspire enthusiasm for science and chemistry.
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Photo: The Brückner Campus in Siegsdorf with the Technology Center in the foreground photographed from above; Copyright: Brückner Maschinenbau GmbH

25 years technology centre at Brückner – expansion in sight


Brückner Maschinenbau established a technology center 25 years ago, specializing in film stretching technologies. It has since become a crucial hub for research and development in the film industry, and they plan to expand the center to meet new challenges, including the use of recycled materials and bio plastics, energy production films, and membrane technologies.
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Image: two people shaking hands; Copyright: paegagz

wdk joins Fair Rubber e.V.


The German Rubber Manufactures Association (wdk) has been campaigning for responsible procurement of raw materials and services in the industry for many years. Now the industry association has set another example of its commitment to fair trade in global natural rubber supply chains. On 1 September 2023, the wdk joined the Fair Rubber e.V. initiative as a supporting member.
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Picture: Numerous pressed PET bottles ready for recycling; Copyright: duallogic

Extrupet again chooses PET recycling technology from EREMA


Extrupet will expand its PET recycling capacity in South Africa with a VACUNITE® from EREMA in June 2024 to meet growing demand for its PhoenixPET® recyclate. This decision comes as part of a long-standing partnership that began back in 2009, and will enable the planned expansion into East Africa and Nigeria with further plants for food-grade rPET.
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Image: Chemical recycling plant of Arcus-Greencycling Technologies GmbH; Copyright: Arcus-Greencycling Technologies GmbH

"Considerably more fossil oil would be consumed without mass balance"


"By utilising our technology, we can produce a pyrolysis oil from strongly mixed plastic waste that also contains polymers such as PVC, PET, ABS and many others. We process the plastic waste the way it arrives from a waste sorting plant or from partners in industry."
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Image: Chemical recycling plant of OMV Downstream GmbH; Copyright: OMV Downstream GmbH

"Chemical recycling has the potential to close the existing gap in circular economy"


"Chemical recycling is complementary to mechanical recycling and therefore of high priority for OMV – it is an important cornerstone of our Strategy 2030. It helps us to meet the growing demand for recycled polyolefins. Back in 2009 we developed a laboratory scale process that has since been patented."
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Image: Notebook, notepad with pen and laptop with soft light in background; copyright: kitzstocker

Academic training and further education in Mexico


ARBURG and Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (Tec de Monterrey) have jointly launched a four-month academic training course in Mexico for the plastics industry, with the aim of producing skilled professionals. The course began with 16 participants and a commitment from ARBURG to support industry growth and development in the country.
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Image: Coperion plant; Copyright: Coperion

"Chemical recycling is still in its infancy, but has huge potential"


"At the moment an increasing number of large corporations are jumping on the chemical recycling bandwagon, all of them operating internationally. There is hope that they will contribute considerably towards the implementation of the necessary infrastructure in all parts of the world."
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Image: Aerial view of factory chimneys from which emissions are coming; Copyright: wirestock

Asahi Kasei and Mitsui establish supply and procurement system for bio-methanol


Asahi Kasei Corporation and Mitsui & Co, Ltd will establish a supply and procurement system for biomethanol produced in the United States. Asahi Kasei plans to use the bio-methanol from Mitsui to produce engineering plastics in Japan with a lower carbon footprint.
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Image: Prof. Dr. Manfred Renner; Copyright: Fraunhofer UMSICHT

"There is no one and only solution for recycling"


The future of circular economy in the plastics industry is a complex mixture of mechanical and chemical recycling. Prof. Dr. Manfred Renner, Director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy Technology (UMSICHT), describes these technologies as indispensable components of the life cycle of plastics.
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Image: Many rolled polyethylene film units on racks in the warehouse; Copyright: Pressmaster

BASF breaks ground on polyethylene plant at Zhanjiang Verbund site in China


BASF has broken ground on a polyethylene (PE) plant at its Verbund site in Zhanjiang, China to serve fast-growing demand in China. The plant, with a capacity of 500,000 metric tons per year, is scheduled to start up in 2025.
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Image: Manfred Hackl und Klaus Lederer; Copyright: EREMA Group

"Recyclates from chemical recycling will be more expensive than virgin material"


Mechanical recycling processes have already matured. Chemical recycling is comparatively young. But will it be able to establish itself?
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Image: Detail of two hands making calculations using a calculator. On the table: sheet with several diagrams and computer keyboard; Copyright: ijeab

Transformation in a difficult environment – incoming orders slump by 30 percent in the first quarter


German plastics and rubber machinery manufacturers recorded sales growth of 10 percent in 2022. Expectations for 2024 are subdued, as new orders are declining. The industry faces the challenge of decarbonization and defossilization, which requires investment and restructuring.
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Image: Detail of hands holding a tablet and a plastic cup. Next to it: Food packaging; Copyright: seventyfourimages

Next-level recycling with digital innovations: Cologne-based plastics processor igus invests in start-up cirplus


The Cologne-based plastics specialist igus invests in the Hamburg-based start-up cirplus to close the plastics cycle and revolutionize the recycling trade of technical and standard thermoplastics. With their recycling platforms, igus and cirplus want to jointly drive the regenerative plastics industry in the future.
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Image: Boris Engelhardt; Copyright: wdk

Together for Sustainability (TfS): "The name is the message"


The German Rubber Manufacturers’ Association (wdk) has been committed to responsible procurement practices for raw materials and services in the rubber industry for many years. To advance the implementation of this goal, the wdk is now cooperating with Together for Sustainability (TfS), an international non-profit initiative.
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Photo: Lots of plastic waste floating in a pond; Copyright: RLTheis

Supporting this once-in-a-generation opportunity to tackle plastic pollution


Borealis has ambitious goals to improve the circular economy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and use renewable energy to create a more sustainable future. Borealis is a member of the Business Coalition for a Global Plastics Treaty and supports the development of a UN agreement to combat plastic pollution.
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Image: Several small copper-colored granule squares fall out of a horizontal beaker; Copyright: traceless materials

Bioeconomy startup traceless receives millions in funding from the German Federal Ministry for the Environment


The startup traceless materials GmbH has developed the compostable biomaterial traceless®, which is considered a nature-based, environmentally friendly alternative to plastic. The project is funded with around 5 million euros from the Environmental Innovation Program of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment (BMUV).
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Image: Thomas Deser; Copyright: KraussMaffei

KraussMaffei: The Champions League of apprenticeships


Boundaries are only in your head - with this motto, Thomas Deser took over as Teamlead Apprenticeship at KraussMaffei at the beginning of March. In this interview, the 51-year-old talks about his first successes in his new job, his goals and why TikTok and Instagram have become indispensable in the department of apprenticeships.
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Image: Lettering

Global chemical companies sign agreement on R&D Hub for plastic waste processing incubated by World Economic Forum


Seven member companies of the World Economic Forum’s Low-Carbon Emitting Technologies (LCET) initiative have signed a collaboration agreement with the independent research organization TNO to establish an R&D Hub for Plastic Waste Processing. The seven companies include BASF, Covestro, Dow, Mitsubishi Chemical, SABIC, Solvay and Lyondell Basell.
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Image: Hands turning protective film on front fenders of a car; Copyright: NomadSoul1

Covestro inaugurates new production line and launches new Desmopan®UP TPU series for Paint Protection Film in the automotive and wind sector


Covestro has started up a new production line in Taiwan to to produce high performance TPU suited for Paint Protection Film (PPF) grades. The new TPU-based PPF solutions will be offered under the brand name Desmopan®UP.
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Photo: A variety of machines in the large hall of a factory; Copyright: saoirse2010

KraussMaffei presents special edition of the CX series


To mark the 185th anniversary of the company, KraussMaffei is offering a special edition of the CX series with free additional equipment. The additional package with extensive functions reduces operating costs and increases quality in production. The company follows the motto: "RelaCX – it's a CX".
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Image: Yellow corn cob hanging amidst several corn plants; Copyright: stevanovicigor

Bioplastics become more attractive for industry


As part of project RUBIO, the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research IAP is developing novel types of the bioplastic polybutylene succinate (PBS). The bioplastic films made from PBS are recyclable, biodegradable and can be processed on standard extrusion lines.
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Image: Various nuts and seeds in transparent plastic packaging in a carton; Copyright: Olena_Mykhaylova

Collaboration project shows: multi-layer packaging can be separated and recycled on an industrial scale


A Collaboration project involving BASF, Krones, SÜDPACK, and TOMRA gives proof of concept for closed recycling loop for PET-based multi-layer packaging.
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Image: Machines for the production of various plastics in a large hall; Copyright: saoirse2010

Faster mould set-up – more efficient production


ENGEL helps injection moulding processors optimize product changeover times through customized training and technologies such as the Setup wizard to achieve higher productivity, lower unit costs and more profit.
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Image: Plant for the production of cars. On the right, several car models; Copyright: traimakivan

Borealis launches portfolio of circular plastomers and elastomers based on renewable feedstock


Borealis introduces the Bornewables™ line of Queo™, a range of plastomers and elastomers based on renewable feedstock. The introduction follows the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC PLUS) of Borealis' production site for the Queo™ portfolio, in Geleen, the Netherlands.
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Image: Fixation of electric cables in front of bluish background; Copyright: photocreo

LAPP uses new bio-based plastic from BASF – Organic ETHERLINE® now available too


The company LAPP is using a new bio-based plastic from BASF for the sustainable version of its ETHERLINE® FD P Cat.5e for Industrial Ethernet. The bio-based plastic is Elastollan® N, the thermoplastic polyurethane from BASF, which is part of its circular economy strategy.
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Image: Plastic pallet in orange; Copyright: trans-o-flex

Logistics: eco-friendly and economical transport with plastic pallets


Eight to ten times on average a wooden pallet is used in the handling area of logistics before it shows a defect and has to be sorted out. This is neither particularly economical nor good for the environment. Pallets made of plastic offer a more sustainable solution.
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Image: Headset headphones resting on a laptop. In the background a phone; Copyright: BrianAJackson

Covestro expands its range of more sustainable polycarbonates


Covestro AG offers a polycarbonate with a 90 percent recycled content of plastic from post-consumer waste (PCR) that can be used in consumer electronics, among other applications. The company is collaborating with Jabra on the Evolve2 headset and making progress on climate-neutral solutions through mass balancing.
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Photo: Lab technician wearing protective goggles, a smock and gloves working with the process of Interface Polymers' technology; Copyright: Evonik Industries AG

High-performance additives for sustainable plastics: Evonik invests in Interface Polymers


Evonik Industries AG has invested in the British company Interface Polymers Ltd. This investment from the Sustainability Tech Fund strengthens Evonik's position in sustainable products and recycling processes. Interface Polymers' technology enables easier processing and recycling of plastics.
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Image: Chemical complex with numerous pipes; Copyright: scalatore1959

BluCon Biotech welcomes strategic investment by major chemical group LG Chem


The two companies BluCon Biotech GmbH and LG Chem Ltd entered into an investment agreement. Together, they plan to work on a novel process to convert lignocellulosic non-food raw materials into high-purity lactic acid.
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Image: Flag of Kazakhstan; Copyright: SteveAllenPhoto999

Central Asia Plast World in Kazakhstan from 28 to 30 September 2023


Kazakhstan is the most economically advanced country in Central Asia and plans to increase industrialization, which will increase plastics consumption. Central Asia Plast World is the most important business platform for plastics and rubber in Central Asia and will be held in Almaty in September 2023.
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Image: Inside a plastic recycling plant; Copyright: Shutterstock/Nordroden

A status check on the UN's plastic waste agreement


Plastic pollution is a serious threat to human health and the environment. After years of awareness-raising, there is strong and widespread alignment on the need to act. This was the unmistakable and welcome message from the U.N.'s first negotiating session on a global agreement to end plastic waste in December.
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Image: Black dashboard in car with large display; Copyright: FabrikaPhoto

Covestro expands production capacity for polycarbonate films in Thailand


The company Covestro plans to further increase its global production capacity for polycarbonate (PC) specialty films by starting to build new extrusion lines at the Map Ta Phut Industrial Park in Thailand. The completion is planned by 2025 and the investment is in the higher double-digit million euro range.
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Image: Four large waste recycling garbage cans on the street; Copyright: AZ-BLT

Project STOP marks major milestones and expands waste collection services to over 300,000 people


Project STOP, co-funded by Borealis and Systemiq, has created positive social and environmental impact in three cities in Indonesia, including the launch of the scale-up programme Project STOP Banyuwangi Hijau from Muncar into the Banyuwangi Region.
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Image: Pressed plastic bales in the modern hazardous waste processing plant; Copyright: hiv360

A wholly sustainable plastics economy is feasible


In a study under the leadership of the ETH Zurich, the scientists point out that plastic products must be better aligned with the circular economy in future. The study finds that circular plastics are feasible within planetary boundaries. This would require at least 74 percent of the plastic to be recycled.
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Image: Numerous pressed PET bottles ready for recycling; Copyright: duallogic

First PET Bottle-to-Bottle Recycling Line in Kenya


Megh Group company T3 (EPZ) Limited is going to install the first PET recycling system for bottle-grade rPET and resin in Kenya and Eastern Africa, a Starlinger recoSTAR PET 165 HC iV+ recycling line, in Athi River just outside Nairobi.
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Image: Dark 3D printer prints a model from black plastic; Copyright: iloli

Additive manufacturing is pioneering for Röchling Industrial


Röchling Industrial integrated the Röchling Direct Manufacturing Center from Waldachtal into the Röchling Industrial Laupheim at the Burgrieden site. The international plastics processor takes an important step in the industrialization of its 3D printing competencies and continues to focus on additive manufacturing.
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Image: Various red and white towers of a factory. Emissions escape from the one on the right; Copyright: freedomnaruk

LANXESS software calculates carbon footprint for Group's own products


With the "Product Carbon Footprint Engine" developed by LANXESS, the CO2 footprint can be calculated automatically for the Group's products. With this innovation, the speciality chemicals company aims to help its customers achieve their sustainability goals.
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Image: K China Symposium; Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf

The first edition of K China Symposium was successfully held on 23rd March 2023. Expectations were achieved!


The first edition of the K China Symposium was successfully held at the Shanghai International Convention Centre on 23 March 2023. Participants praised the opportunity for professional exchange, business expansion and inspiration offered by this new, international platform.
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ArabPlast 2023 from 13 to 15 December 2023 in Dubai


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Image: Two workers in white protective clothing. In the background: chemical production; Copyright: seventyfourimages

LyondellBasell and KIRKBI invest in APK to develop recycling technology


The two companies LyondellBasell and KIRKBI signed an agreement to make an investment in the company APK. APK has developed the unique solvent-based Newcycling® process, which separates the different polymers of multi-layer packaging materials and produces recycled materials with a high degree of purity suitable for new packaging materials.
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Image: Rubber shoe soles in different colors; Copyright: abraham_stokero

Covestro to build its largest TPU site in China


The company Covestro will build its largest Thermoplastic Polyurethanes (TPU) site in Zhuhai, China. The TPU site will be built in three phases. The first phase will be completed in late 2025 and the final phase in 2033.
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Image: Interior wiring and cabling with several colorful cables and wires; Copyright: Mint_Images

Borealis Borcycle™ C chemical recycling provides circular solutions for crosslinked polyethylene for the Wire & Cable and Infrastructure sectors


The company Borealis is using its Borcycle™ C chemical recycling process to recycle crosslinked polyethylene (PE) types into recycled polyethylene. The EverMinds™ approach provides innovative and viable solutions to recycling challenges in the Wire & Cable and Infrastructure industries.
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Image: Fishing nets on the beach; Copyright: KraussMaffei

From the sea into the tunnel: KraussMaffei customer Oldroyd uses 100% sea plastics for its products


What do a tunnel and hiking boot have in common? Both have a membrane that prevents the ingress of rain. In the case of the tunnel, the Norwegian company Oldroyd is an expert for the membrane and its injection-molded fixing product. It uses CX machines from KraussMaffei and 100% sea plastics.
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Image: PEX pipe production at Uponor. Copyright: Uponor

Neste, Uponor, Wastewise Group and Borealis enable chemical recycling of hard-to-recycle plastic waste into new high-quality plastic pipes


Neste, Uponor, Wastewise and Borealis have successfully produced pipes made of cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) which was based on feedstock gained from chemically recycled post-industrial waste plastic from PEX pipe production, using an ISCC PLUS certified mass-balancing approach. The partner companies believe this project is among the first implementations of chemical recycling of PEX.
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Image: light-blue bottles made from plastic; Copyright: Covestro

Covestro: New ultra-durable material solution for healthcare and life sciences


Both healthcare and life sciences applications – ranging from drug delivery devices, wellness and wearable devices, to single-use containers for biopharmaceutical manufacturing – all have one thing in common. They must be tough and durable and able to withstand everyday use while maintaining their structural integrity.
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Image: blue liquid in test tubes; Copyright:  wichayada69

LANXESS and TotalEnergies to cooperate on sustainable styrene


Specialty chemicals company LANXESS and French energy group TotalEnergies have entered into a cooperation on the supply of biocircular styrene. Unlike conventional styrene, the raw material used by TotalEnergies is based on tall oil, which is derived from a tree resin and is a by-product of pulp production.
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Image: Gloved hands pick up plastic bottle on the beach; Copyright: maxbelchenko

SABIC enables Scientex in developing worlds first PP flexible food packaging using PCR ocean bound plastic


SABIC, a global leader in the chemical industry, collaborates with Scientex in the packaging value chain to enable the manufacturer to develop material for the world’s first flexible food packaging made based on advanced recycled OBP, using SABIC® certified circular polypropylene (PP). The material is being used in a premium brand noodles packaging sold in Malaysia.
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Image: To-go packaging made of Styropor; Copyright: BASF

Ice Ice Baby! Sustainably packaged with Styropor® Ccycled™ by BASF


Imballaggi Alimentari, an Italian based company specialized in the production of ice cream packaging, has launched the Remaxigel boxes made of Styropor® Ccycled™. The boxes made of EPS (expandable polystyrene) boast excellent performance and were primarily designed for artisanal ice-cream shops.
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Image: two men sitting in an easter-asian boat filled with plastic bottles; Copyright: tide ocean material

Back to the cycle: #tide turns ocean plastic into high-quality recyclates


Plastic is a resource without which our life today would not be possible - and thanks to recycling, we can even use it several times over. However, we know from reports what can happen if the recycling process does not run properly: the plastic sometimes ends up in the sea. Getting it back into circulation from there and turning it into a usable product is not easy.
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Image: a man watching Covestros plant for chlorine electrolysis; Copyright: Covestro

Covestro and Lanxess cooperate to produce more sustainable raw materials with reduced CO₂ footprint


Chemical companies Covestro and LANXESS are cooperating in the energy-intensive production of basic chemicals at their Lower Rhine sites in Germany and make them more climate friendly. LANXESS procures chlorine, caustic soda and hydrogen from the ISCC PLUS-certified sites of Covestro in Leverkusen and Krefeld-Uerdingen.
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Image: Man with VR glasses; Copyright: seventyfourimages

Plastics industry meets Metaverse: igus presents products in virtual reality


Studies show that we are up to nine times more likely to remember something we have experienced in virtual reality. This knowledge can also be interesting for the plastics industry. With the iguversum, igus has created a digital space in which the manufacturer's products can be discovered. In the future, engineering projects will also be carried out there.
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Photo: female hands tying sports shoes; Copyright: YuriArcursPeopleimages

From old to new: Evonik produces PEBA from used tires


Many raw materials deserve a second life, and especially in view of resource conservation and the circular economy, the reuse of raw materials is particularly important. Evonik shows how it's done: The company produces PA-12 elastomers from old tires.
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Photo: woman picking a 3D printed object from the printer; Copyright: Cubicure

All tidied up: Customizable cleaning solution for light-based 3D printing


As the saying goes, one cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs – in a metaphorical sense, this is also the case when it comes to the 3D printing process. In most cases, material residue must be removed manually and then discarded. Cubicure delivers a different way that's automated, customizable, and sustainable.
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Image: Various fruits and vegetables wrapped in disposable plastic ; Copyright: duskbabe

Covestro collaboration with SABIC unlocks improved recyclability for mono-material flexible plastic pouches


The company Covestro AG has developed a new heat-resistant coating for use on mono-material stand-up pouches made with SABIC's PE/BOPE technology. The coating facilitates high-speed industrial production of stand-up pouches made with SABIC® BOPE biaxially oriented polyethylene. The new solution enables simpler, single-stream recycling.
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Building and construction sector: An industry relies on plastics


Polymers are as diverse as their chemical composition. Plastics come in hard, soft, flexible, brittle, opaque, transparent - just as required. They impress with their durability, cost-effectiveness, impermeability to water, high formability, corrosion resistance and low weight. This makes them the ideal building material - and an environmentally friendly alternative to other materials.
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Photo: woman picking a shampoo bottle at a store; Copyright: vladdeep

Rebirth for shampoo bottles & co: launch of the first deposit system for plastic packaging from the bathroom


The demand for high-quality recyclates has exceeded the supply on the market for years. So far, too much high-quality plastic is still being burned as waste instead of being recycled. The Berlin-based start-up Circleback wants to change that by setting up a deposit system for plastic packaging from the bathroom.
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Photo: wind turbines on the ground; Copyright: Fraunhofer IWES_Fraunhofer WKI

No longer gone with the wind: Fraunhofer Institute develops concepts for rotor blade recycling


After about 25 years, the rotor blades of a wind turbine have usually had their day. But what happens to them then? Together with the Institute for Energy and Circular Economy (IEkrW), the Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy Systems (IWES) is developing concepts in a project that should enable rotor blades to be better recycled and reused.
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Photo: man with white helmet and laptop in suit talking with man in work clothes and blue helmet. In the background various machines; Copyright: seventyfourimages

Machine monitoring: performance data via app at any time


Steinert.view® is a flexible and reliable monitoring solution for STEINERT sensor-based sorting machines. Performance data collected is visualized in a web app so that operators can see at a glance whether machines are currently producing, whether there are changes in production, or whether there is potential for optimization.
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The countdown to K 2022 is on


The set-up for K 2022 at the Düsseldorf Trade Fair is in full swing. The trade fair's logistics team is making sure that everything runs smoothly. Werner Arnold, Team Manager Logistics, explains in an interview all the things that need to be taken into account until all the halls at K are filled.
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Image: Close up of small hand with pacifier; Copyright: Daria_Nipot

Collaboration between Borealis, Neste and MAM brings new soother to market made with renewably-sourced feedstock


The MAM company is accelerating circular economy measures in partnership with Borealis through the launch of MAM Original Pure pacifiers and packaging enabled by Borealis Bornewables™ portfolio of recyclable polyolefins. Upstream value chain partner Neste is the supplier of renewable feedstock Neste RE™ based on waste and residue streams for the manufacture of Bornewables polypropylene.
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Image: cutout of a confectionery factory employee wearing blue gloves. In front of him a sealing box with packaging film; Copyright: seventyfourimages

Innovative technology makes flexible packaging recyclable


A new technology from Covestro weakens the bond strength of PU adhesives. Laminated films in multilayer packaging can be separated after use and the individual materials can be recycled later. At the K 2022 trade fair, the team will be presenting the technology to the plastics industry for the first time.
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Image: Chemical factory. Blue sky in the background; Copyright: chuyu2014

BASF and ARCUS sign agreement on the production and procurement of pyrolysis oil from mixed plastic waste


ARCUS plans to start up first commercial pyrolysis plant for mixed plastic waste in Germany and will supply the company BASF SE with pyrolysis oil. This will enable further expansion of BASF's ChemCyclingTM business. The Agreement foresees take-up of up to 100,000 tons of pyrolysis oil per year.
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Image: Mechanical gripper in front of a mountain of waste; Copyright: nualaimages

Covestro invests in the production of more sustainable polycarbonates in Asia Pacific


Covestro plans to set up its first dedicated mechanical recycling (MCR) plant for polycarbonates at its integrated site in Shanghai. The company also plans to convert an existing compounding facility in Thailand into a mechanical recycling plant.
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Image: Chemical plant at dusk with light and smoke; Copyright: CreativeNature_nl

LANXESS: Entire value chain to become climate-neutral


The chemicals company LANXESS aims to make its upstream and downstream supply chains climate-neutral by 2050. In order to achieve the so-called Scope 3 targets, LANXESS has launched the Net Zero Value Chain Program. The focus is on sustainable raw materials, green logistics and climate-neutral products.
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Energy costs and climate protection in industry and commerce: decarbXpo launches


A lot is happening in the field energy technology, not least as a result of rapidly rising energy prices. Spurred on by falling costs for renewable energy technologies, innovative storage solutions, intelligent energy management systems and new opportunities are also opening up for industrial and commercial companies.
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"My ambition is to further expand the position of K as the most relevant meeting place for the industry worldwide."


Thomas Franken talks about his expectations for K2022, the challenges the industry faces and what technology is likely to develop in the coming years.
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Climate-neutral with a plan – sustainability in the plastics industry


Successful business means sustainable business. Because according to KraussMaffei, sustainability has both ecological and economic advantages. Recently, the company reaffirmed its goal of being climate-neutral by 2030. Its strategy includes recycling solutions, energy-efficient construction and heating, and sustainable product development.
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Image: solar cell panels; Copyright: RawPixels_1

Cloeren GmbH invests in solar energy


Cloeren GmbH has completed installation of a solar power plant at its Micheldorf, Austria facility to move towards carbon neutral manufacturing. The solar plant investment added 200 KW of solar produced energy, allowing us to reduce C02 emissions 90 tonnes per year.
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Photo: waste separation. Left: Two trash cans. Right: A trash can and a filled trash bag; Copyright:

Public obligations for recycling: Germany – a good role model?


With the Packaging Act, Germany is taking a further step towards an all-encompassing raw material cycle for packaging. One of the requirements aims to significantly increase the amount of recyclable packaging. Packaging used in mail order or "dispensed" for to-go products has recently been required to be registered in the LUCID Packaging Register.
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Image:Cutout of woman taking lipstick from shelf in cosmetic store; Copyright: NomadSoul1

Sustainable cellulose start-up Naturbeads is poised to scale up


Naturbeads, a company that aims to replace plastic microbeads with sustainable alternatives, will expand its work. It has been helped by a recent £1.3 million (€1.5 million) funding round. Naturbeads has developed cellulose-based products that can be used in cosmetics, paints, coatings, additives for the oil and gas industry, packaging and composites.
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Image: Silhouette of the legs of a firefighter fighting the flames; Copyright: ABBPhoto

BASF and THOR GmbH fight fire together


To improve plastic compounds and meet stringent fire safety requirements, BASF and THOR GmbH are using their joint expertise in flame retardants. The focus is on developing alternatives to halogen-containing additives.
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Product development in Alpla's One-Stop Shop


Those who work meticulously to design a product can hardly await the day they can hold the finished item in their hands. Alpla is a company headquartered in Hard, Austria, that speeds up this process. Customers can convert their ideas into reality and ideally leave Alpla's STUDIOa with a prototype in hand.
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Image: Building complex of the new KraussMaffei corporate headquarters in Parsdorf; Copyright: KraussMaffei Group GmbH

The "new KraussMaffei" is to be climate-neutral by 2030


The KraussMaffei company confirms a sustainable corporate strategy: Climate neutrality in eight years. The consistent focus is on Circular Economy. One of the largest roof-mounted photovoltaic systems in Europe is currently being built at the new main plant in Parsdorf.
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Image: Leverkusen Wind Technology Center; Copyright: Covestro

Fresh impulses for wind energy


Covestro is researching material solutions for sustainable energy generation at its new Wind Technology Center. They are focusing on the optimization and new development of PUR resins in collaboration with customers.
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North American plastics sector holds steady, while riding a roller-coaster of uncertainty


The pandemic. Supply chain ruptures. The Great Resignation. China trade tensions. Climate change and extreme weather events. Soaring inflation. Stock market volatility. The war in Ukraine. Seldom in our lifetimes have we experienced such an extended period of disruption and uncertainty.
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Using different tools in one flexible thermoforming system


Thermoforming is a process that requires various tool systems. Unfortunately, if the latter originate from different manufacturers, they often cannot be used together in one system. Illig took on the challenge and came up with a successful solution.
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Image: male hands use smartphone. Left: laptop; Copyright: stevanovicigor

Solvay extends its sustainable polymer offering for smart devices and wearables


Solvay launched the Kalix® 10000 series, a partially bio-based material made with renewable feedstock from non-food competing sources, is produced with 100% renewable electricity.
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Create a quote for plastic testing services in just minutes


Plastics are versatile and come in every conceivable shape, size, color, and function. Yet before plastic products can fulfill their desired function, they are subject to testing to confirm they comply with various standards. It takes testing labs hours, if not days, to create a quote for materials testing.
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Image: Man in overalls is painting a car; Copyright: twenty20photos

BASF and BMW Group rely on renewable raw materials for automotive coatings


The BMW Group is the first automotive manufacturer to use OEM coatings from BASF that are certified according to the biomass balance process. By using new sustainable product variants, around 40% CO2 can be avoided for clear coat and dip coating.
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Image: Man sorts plastic bottles for recycling; Copyright: Wavebreakmedia

Dow, LOVERE, YCJ, and P&G join hands in organizing "Design for Circularity" Art & Design Competition


The companies Dow (NYSE: DOW), LOVERE, YCJ and Procter & Gamble (P&G) will organize the first "Design for Circularity" art and design competition in China.
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Photo: Airplane on the asphalt; Copyright: Rawpixel

New cutting-edge thermoplastic materials for the aerospace sector


In the HITCOMP project (High Temperature Characterization and Modelling of Thermoplastic Composites), thermoplastic materials were investigated in the aerospace sector. The researchers concluded that thermoplastic-based components are more efficient than thermosetting plastic composites in terms of their thermal properties.
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Welcome to the family: COLOMBIAPLAST joins the K Global Gate portfolio


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Image: Plastic bottles standing next to each other; Copyright: twenty20photos

Braskem and Sojitz Corporation join hands to bring renewable MEG technology to the market


The two companies Brüskem and Sojitz cooperate within a partnership to produce and market the bioMEG (monoethylene glycol) and bioMPG (monopropylene glycol). This joint venture aims to promote sustainable development and combine the expertise of both companies.
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Image: White KN95 face masks FFP2 mask as covid 19 protection lie on top of each other. ; Copyright: jirkaejc

Borealis and Grabher partnership gives used FFP2 face masks another life


High-quality face masks made in Austria by Grabher contain fully recyclable meltblown polypropylene supplied by Borealis and can be recycled in Austria. The new Partnership between the companies Borealis and Grabher is embodiment of the Borealis EverMinds™ spirit of taking action to accelerate the move towards plastics circularity.
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Training in the plastics industry: technical college and companies get trainees fit for the job


At 16, did you already know where you wanted to go on your professional journey? With the range of choices available to young people today, it can be difficult to make a decision at first glance. That's why it's beneficial to be taken by the hand and introduced to different professions. Wentus GmbH from Höxter sets a good example.
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Image: Equipment and medical devices in the modern operating room; Copyright: nd3000

Solvay partners with Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials to recycle end-of-life medical components


Medical devices made from Solvay's high-performance thermoplastic Udel® are recycled thanks to a collaboration between Solvay and Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials. Solvay knows how to evaluate the chemistry of the end-of-life polymer, while MCAM has expertise in washing and mechanically cleaning the material.
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Image: Garbage in front of the industry. Smoke comes out of the chimneys; Copyright: thananit_s


Joint Mission: Circular Economy


The mission of the new "We are plastics" alliance between the three major German Plastics Associations is to promote the circular economy. They focus on the dialog with consumers and NGOs, on the network between individual initiatives and on presenting facts and changes of the industry.
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School meets business: getting young people excited about the plastics industry


At 16, did you already know where you wanted to go on your professional journey? With the range of choices available to young people today, it can be difficult to make a decision at first glance. That's why it's beneficial to be taken by the hand and introduced to different professions. Wentus GmbH from Höxter sets a good example.
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Image: SWISS Boeing 777-300ER flying in the sky ; Copyright: SWISS International Air Lines

SWISS equips entire Boeing long-haul fleet with AeroSHARK


Twelve Boeing 777-300ERs will gradually be fitted by SWISS with the riblet films developed by Lufthansa Technik and BASF. The reduced frictional resistance makes the sub-fleet more economical and lower in emissions, thus reducing the environmental footprint.
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Image: Logo of WITTMAN Group in magenta with white font on gray background ; Copyright: WITTMANN

Change of brand strategy for the WITTMANN Group


The WITTMANN Group has changed its brand strategy and is aiming for a one-brand strategy instead of the two-brand strategy.
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BASF and NEVEON cooperate on mattress recycling


The first trials on chemical recycling of mattresses by BASF and NEVEON were successful. BASF is developing a wet chemical recycling process for used mattresses made of flexible polyurethane. Mattress take-back pilot is an important step towards circular economy.
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From the idea to a (sustainable) company: Circular Valley promotes start-ups


Mentoring in areas such as marketing and sales, direct contact with large companies, and support from industry experts – this is what every start-up dreams of. In the Circular Valley in Wuppertal, Germany, this is reality. Entrepreneurs from a wide variety of fields who want to contribute to the Circular Economy with their work are supported here.
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PERC Solar Cells from 100 Percent Recycled Silicon


In order to be able to reuse silicon, a working group from the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE and the largest German recycling company for PV modules, Reiling GmbH & Co. KG, have developed a solution, in which the silicon in the discarded modules was recycled on an industrial scale and reused to produce new PERC solar cells.
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Fish in packaging made from chemically recycled plastic


Salmon fillets from Bömlo are supplied in the world's first EPS fish box. Ccycled is made from chemically recycled plastic and BASF, Vartdal Plast and Bremnes Seashore, the partners for this joint project, are contributing to making the circular economy a success.
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Plastic snowfall in the Alps


To study how much plastic is trickling down on us from the atmosphere, Empa researcher Dominik Brunner, together with colleagues from Utrecht University and the Austrian Central Institute for Meteorology and Geophysics, have developed a chemical method that determines the contamination of the samples with a mass spectrometer.
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Neste and Ravago plan to set up a joint venture to focus on chemical recycling of waste plastic


Neste and Ravago intend to establish a joint venture to build an industrial chemical recycling facility in the North Sea port of Vlissingen, the Netherlands. From there, global chemical recycling activities will be managed, building on the further development of thermochemical liquefaction technology by U.S.-based Alterra Energy, an innovative chemical recycling technology company.
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Recycled packaging foils with the "Blue Angel" label


Profine GmbH is the first profile system provider to use polyethylene (PE) packaging foils that consist of 80 percent PCR standard and are interested in making supply chains more environmentally friendly.
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Bence Körmendi


Petchem Business Unit Director, MOL Hungarian Oil and Gas Company Plc.
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New market data on the bioplastics market 2021


The Institute for Bioplastics and Biocomposites presents the new edition of its brochure with the title "Biopolmers - Facts and statistics" to show how the bioplastics market is developing.
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Scientific Council of K 2022 convenes First Meeting


Renewable energies, resource-saving processes, climate neutrality – rising to major challenges is key. These global tasks require creative minds, innovative technologies and high-performance materials.
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Carbon Inc.’s Continuous Liquid Interface Production™, © Carbon Inc.

A look at the shifting trends in additive manufacturing


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