Fluoroplastics in focus: Between environmental protection and industrial needs

The planned ban on PFAS and its impact on industry and the environment

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Image: PFAS graphic; Copyright: Francesco Scatena -

Industry associations are warning of far-reaching consequences for numerous areas of application in connection with a PFAS ban. Copyright: Francesco Scatena –


Environmental concerns versus industrial necessity

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PFAS can be found in a large number of everyday products, for example in non-stick coatings on pans. Copyright: –

Fluoroplastics – an indispensable component of modern technologies?

Image: Shoulders of a person with water-repellent clothing; Copyright: Ondra -

"Without fluoroplastics, there would be no Green Deal," say the Bavarian chemical associations. Copyright: Ondra –

Alternative solutions and future research

Image: Fast food packaging; Copyright: artursfoto -

Companies such as Amazon and McDonald's have already started to remove PFAS from their food packaging. Copyright: artursfoto –

A balanced path between the environment and the economy

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