Plastic Tax: The Plastics Industry between Environmental Protection and Economic Efficiency

FAQ – Everything You Need to Know About the Plastic Tax in the EU

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The EU plastic tax not only has consequences for the plastics industry, but also raises a lot of questions. Copyright: tanaonte –


1. What is the plastic tax and why is it being introduced?

2. When does the plastic tax apply?

3. How is the amount of plastic tax calculated?

4. Which products are affected by the plastic tax?

5. Are there exemptions or reductions in the plastic tax for certain products or industries?

6. How could the plastic tax affect consumer prices?

7. How should the revenue from the plastic tax be used?

8. How does the plastic tax differ from other environmental levies or taxes?

9. What long-term effects could the plastic tax have on the plastics industry and the environment?

10. What criticism is there of the plastic tax?

11. What measures can companies take to minimise the impact of the plastic tax?

12. How can companies prepare for the introduction of the plastic tax?

Elena Blume (Editorial team K-Mag)

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