CO2BioClean: Turning CO₂ into biodegradable plastics

Interview with David Newman, Communications Manager at CO2BioClean

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Image: Exterior view of a biogas plant surrounded by a field and a forest; Copyright: Grigory_bruev

Copyright: Grigory_bruev


Image: David Newman; Copyright: CO2BioClean

David Newman. Copyright: CO2BioClean

Image: Exterior view of a biogas plant; Copyright: Nelia-2

For example, a biogas plant could be a place where one of CO2BioClean's plants could be installed; Copyright: Nelia-2

Image: Interior view of a steel mill; Copyright: NomadSoul1

Another possibility for this approach could be a steel mill; Copyright: NomadSoul1

Image: A few teabags in front of a tea cup; Copyright: jirkaejc

While the production may sound abstract, the potential applications are quite tangible. For example, bioplastics could be used regularly at the breakfast table in the form of tea bags or coffee pads; Copyright: jirkaejc

Nastassja Lotz (Editorial team K-MAG)

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