Bioeconomy startup traceless receives millions in funding from the German Federal Ministry for the Environment

Image: Several small copper-colored granule squares fall out of a horizontal beaker; Copyright: traceless materials

Copyright: traceless materials


Photo: In the middle, the Parliamentary State Secretary is smiling and holding the big check together with the two traceless founders; Copyright: traceless materials

Parliamentary State Secretary Dr. Bettina Hoffmann (middle) and traceless founders Johanna Baare (left) and Anne Lamp (right). Source: traceless materials

Photo: The Parliamentary State Secretary smiling in a conversation with the traceless founders; Copyright: traceless materials

Many top-class visiors: BMUV's Parliamentary State secretary Dr. Bettina Hoffmann and more invited guests from politics and business development ecosystem were welcomes to our production and R&D location in the ISI-Innovation Center in Buchholz i.d.N.. Source: traceless materials

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