Sustainability thanks to the circular economy

New paths for the plastics industry

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Image: Sorting belt with plastic bottles. Two employees can be seen out of focus in the background; Copyright: envato


Advantages of the circular economy

The challenges of implementing a circular economy

Picture: Cubes placed next to each other. Three cubes show the green recycling symbol, six white cubes show an industrial plant as a pictogram; Copyright: envato

The implementation of material cycles in industry must be further advanced. Copyright: envato

Current status of the circular economy in the plastics sector

Image: Women's hands with white nail polish holding a black cosmetics bottle; Copyright: dimetradim -

Even if consumers put products in black bottles into the recycling loop, it is not always guaranteed that they can actually be recycled. This is now set to change. Copyright: dimetradim -

Waste4Future: A project to implement the circular economy in practice

Institutes and facilities of the Waste4Future project

Optimizing the circular economy through Industry 4.0: the PlasticBOND project

Image: A hand stacks wooden cubes with circular economy symbols to create a recycling loop; Copyright: Parradee -

Copyright: Parradee -

The importance of the circular economy for a sustainable future

More around Circular Economy

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