Sustainability meets innovation: The rediscovery of plastics in the textile industry

Plastics interweave sustainability with advanced functionality

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Image: Threads on bobbins in the textile industry; Copyright: Mint_Images

Plastics are indispensable in the modern textile industry due to their versatility and properties. Copyright: Mint_Images


Image: Woman looking at carpet in a shop; Copyright: puhimec

Home textiles made of synthetic fibres are dirt-repellent, easy to clean and hard-wearing. Copyright: puhimec

Versatile and innovative: plastics in the textile industry

Image: Tent in nature; Copyright: Pressmaster

It is impossible to imagine the outdoor sector without plastics. They can be found in tents, rucksacks, shoes and clothing. Copyright: Pressmaster

Industry caught between progress and responsibility

Image: Woman sorting out clothes, in the foreground a cardboard box labelled "Recycle"; Copyright: myjuly

When recycling textiles, the main challenge is to separate the fibres from each other and preserve their quality during the recycling process. Copyright: myjuly

Road to sustainability: recycling and bio-based alternatives

Image: Woman in sportswear stretching; Copyright: Nestea06

Synthetics have revolutionised the sports and leisure segment. In the form of microfibres, they make clothing light, comfortable, breathable and waterproof. They also enable aesthetic and durable designs. Copyright: Nestea06

Innovative projects and partnerships

Image: Threads in a weaving mill; Copyright: sedrik2007

Research projects such as those conducted by the DITF are paving the way for a more sustainable textile industry in which plastics will play a major role. Copyright: sedrik2007

A new era in textile production

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