Circular Economy in the canteen: Start-up develops reusable containers for the catering industry

Interview with Laura-Marie Schulte, Founder, MealGood GmbH

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Image: Reusable container from MealGood with mashed potatoes and meatballs inside; Copyright: Stephan Floss

MealGood reusable containers are made from bio-based plastic. Copyright: Stephan Floss


Image: Laura-Marie Schulte; Copyright: Klaus Gigga

Laura-Marie Schulte. Copyright: Klaus Gigga

Image: two-part reusable container from MealGood; Copyright: MealGood

After approximately 6 months of use in the gastronomy industry, MealGood takes back the containers and handles the recycling. Copyright: MealGood

Image: three-part returnable container from MealGood; Copyright: MealGood

The packaging industry of the future focuses on reuse – and MealGood is already a positive example of this today. Copyright: MealGood

Elena Blume (Editorial team K-MAG)

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