Yogurt cup becomes yogurt cup: Design for Recycling as the key to a Circular Economy

Interview with Konrad Wasserbauer, Global Director Circular Economy, Greiner Packaging

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Image: various plastic packaging; Copyright: FabrikaPhoto

"We want to turn a yogurt cup back into a yogurt cup." - That is the long-term aspiration at Greiner Packaging. Copyright: FabrikaPhoto


Image: Konrad Wasserbauer; Copyright: Greiner Packaging

Konrad Wasserbauer. Copyright: Greiner Packaging

Image: K3 r100 cup with digital watermark; Copyright: Greiner Packaging

With the help of digital watermarks, the packaging material can be determined in the sorting system and the packaging can be assigned to the correct sorting stream. Copyright: Greiner Packaging

Image: K3 r100 cup; Copyright: Greiner Packaging

The K3® r100 is the first cardboard/plastic cup in which the materials separate from each other independently. Copyright: Greiner Packaging

Elena Blume (Editorial team K-MAG)

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