Drink smarter: digital reusable cup from Vytal and PepsiCo

Interview with Dr Tim Breker, Founder & CEO, Vytal Global

Exclusively for K-Mag

Image: Vytal Pepsi Cup being held aloft at an event; Copyright: Vytal

The Vytal Pepsi Cup has a personalised ID that can be read via QR code or RFID tag and can increase efficiency at large events. Copyright: Vytal


Image: Tim Breker; Copyright: Vytal

Tim Breker. Copyright: Vytal

Image: Vytal Pepsi Cup from four angles; Copyright: Vytal

The digital reusable cup is made of polypropylene, achieves an average of 125 uses and can be easily recycled at the end of its life. Copyright: Vytal

Image: Reusable containers are returned to a restaurant; Copyright: Vytal

Vytal wants to make reusable the new normal. Copyright: Vytal

Image: Reusable containers are scanned via smartphone; Copyright: Vytal

Digitalisation and sustainability are closely linked for Vytal: The reusable containers can be scanned and borrowed via smartphone. Copyright: Vytal

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