Recyclates in the spotlight: digital marketplace as a driver for the Circular Economy

Interview with Christian Schiller, Founder and CEO, Cirplus

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Image: Recyclates; Copyright: Cirplus

Recycled materials are still often more expensive than virgin material and are of lower quality. This is where Cirplus comes in with its digital marketplace for recyclates. Copyright: Cirplus


Image: Christian Schiller; Copyright: Cirplus

Christian Schiller. Copyright: Cirplus

Image: Screenshot of the Cirplus website; Copyright: Cirplus

In cooperation with recognised testing laboratories, Cirplus offers plastics processors and product manufacturers digitalised quality tests and certifications for recyclates. Copyright: Cirplus

Image: Graphic with popular materials on Cirplus; Copyright: Cirplus

Customers can find recyclates from a wide range of materials on the platform. Copyright: Cirplus

Image: Cirplus platform opened on a tablet; Copyright: Cirplus

The vision of Cirplus: No more plastic waste in the environment. Copyright: Cirplus

Elena Blume (Editorial team K-MAG)

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