Bioplastics Made of Olive Pits

Biolive's innovative Recycling Process Paves the Way for Sustainable Plastic Production

Image: Olives; Copyright: vmariia

Biolive uses olive pits to produce an bioplastic material.


Cutting-Edge Production Facility

Image: Biolive's laboratory; Copyright: Biolive

In Biolive's research laboratory, olive pits are processed into biopolymers to develop sustainable plastic solutions. Copyright: Biolive

Revolutionizing Bioplastics with Olive Pits

Key Advantages of Biolive's Bioplastics

Image: several bioplastic products made of olive pits; Copyright: Biolive

Biolive's bioplastic can be used to produce a wide variety of everyday objects. Copyright: Biolive

Innovative Applications and Future Growth


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