The many ways that 'going digital' is changing manufacturing

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Image: a man with a laptop standing at a huge machine; Copyright: Engel Austria GmbH

Engel notes that digital service products boost the availability of machines and production units, ensuring high productivity and continuous delivery capability even in the event of crises; Source: Engel Austria GmbH


Image: diagram of the digitalisation at Volkswagen; Copyright: Volkswagen ag

Volkswagen has launched a digital push to drive manufacturing performance in its North American plants; Source: Volkswagen AG

"we’re seeing a growing focus on Industry 4.0 in the middle market. For good reason."

– Plante Moran PLLC.

Advancing protocols

Customer acceptance

Image: animated picture of a production hall; Copyright: Arburg

Digitalisation is central to many of Arburg's current technology and customer initiatives; Source: Arburg

Image: diagram, how the M-Powered circuit works; Copyright: Milacron

Milacron is expanding its M-Powered digital solutions business; Source: Milacron

A connected compounder

Leveraging blockchain

Image: small red plastic parts on a white ground; Copyright: Covestro

Covestro, Borealis and Domo Chemicals, together with Porsche, are partnering with Circularise to leverage blockchain technology to help ensure transparency throughout the resin supply chain; Source: Covestro

Graham's AccuStrength

Image: a white bottle with red stripes; Copyright: Graham Packaging

Using its patented AccuStrength computer simulation technology, Graham Packaging has developed a way to add material only to critical-to-function areas in a container, resulting in a strong yet lighter weight, more sustainable bottle; Source: Graham Packaging

Robert Grace (USA)

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