Artificial Intelligence in the Plastics Industry: Sustainability through Technology

How Algorithms are supporting the Industry today

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Artificial intelligence is revolutionising modern industry. In the plastics industry, for example, it provides support in process optimisation, material development and recycling. Copyright: panuwat -


Image: Retro PC "Commodore64" from the 1980s; Copyright: MargJohnsonVA

The history of AI began in the early 20th century. It then experienced an upswing in the 1980s. Copyright: MargJohnsonVA

A brief history of AI

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AI can support the plastics industry in many ways, for example in material development. Copyright: sawitreelyaon –

Areas of application for AI in the plastics industry

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AI improves the efficiency and sustainability of the plastics Circular Economy by optimising the entire life cycle of plastics, from production to use and recycling. Copyright: R_Yosha –

The contribution of artificial intelligence to sustainability

Challenges: Data protection, system integration, skilled labour

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Despite challenges in terms of data, integration and skilled labour, the future of AI in the plastics industry looks promising. Copyright: Kiattisak –

AI in the plastics industry: an outlook

Elena Blume (Editorial team K-Mag)

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