The VR glove from the 3D printer

Image: Scientist wearing VR goggles and two blue gloves to stay in digital metaverse cyberspace ; Copyright: Rimidolove

Source: Rimidolove


3D Printing with Two Colors in Two Stages

Image: Illustration of VR glove holding square stone in hand. ; Copyright: Herbert Shea, EPFL

The next-generation VR glove will make virtual worlds tangible. Source: Herbert Shea, EPFL

Three types of actuators

The desired electroactive polymer should have a consistency similar to hand cream so that the artificial muscles can be produced automatically in a 3D printer. Source: Empa

Artificial "muscles" from the 3D printer

Diagram from the electrostatic actuators (left) to the electrostatic coupling actuators and the dielectric elastomer actuator (right). ; Copyright: Herbert Shea, EPFL

Source: Herbert Shea, EPFL

The competition is at Harvard


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