Same but different: say hello to the 3D printed trombone

Interview with Anna-Lena Rotter who currently pursues a master’s degree in Applied Research and Development at the Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences

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Image: a golden trombone; Copyright: PantherMedia / Dietmar Mischi

Source: PantherMedia / Dietmar Mischi


Image: Anna-Lena Rotter with a black trombone in her hands; Copyright: Anna-Lena Rotter

Anna-Lena Rotter with her carbon fibre trombone. Source: Anna-Lena Rotter

Image: three images, the trombone shape in the digital planning tool, the printed shape and the resulting trombone; Copyright: Anna-Lena Rotter

First, the mould half of the tuning slide is designed as a CAD model and then reworked after printing before the finished tuning slide is made of carbon fibres. Source: Anna-Lena Rotter

Kyra Molinari (Editorial team K-MAG)

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