Training in the plastics industry: technical college and companies get trainees fit for the job

Interview with Silke Bergmoser, Director, Euregio HTBLVA Ferlach - Höhere Technische Bundeslehr- & Versuchsanstalt (Higher Technical College)

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Image: a student in front of a 3D-printer holding a printed dragon; Copyright: HTL Ferlach

In Ferlach, students learn a lot about plastics even before they start their practical training in the company, so that they are well prepared for work in the plastics industry. Copyright: HTL Ferlach


Image: Silke Bergmoser, Director of the Technical College in Ferlach, Austria; Copyright: HTL Ferlach

Silke Bergmoser. Copyright: HTL Ferlach

Image: two students working in the technical college in Ferlach, Austria; Copyright: HTL Ferlach

An optimal education includes not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical knowledge. At HTL Ferlach, students are prepared for their education in the best possible way. Copyright: HTL Ferlach

Kyra Molinari (Editorial team K-MAG)

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