Wilson Sporting Goods using 3D printing to accelerate the injection molding process

Using soluble molds enables company to fail faster, explore thousands of options cost-effectively

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Image: Productivity is key: 120 x molds in 20 minutes = 10 seconds per mold; Copyright: Nexa3D

Copyright: Nexa3D


Image: 3D printer; Copyright: Nexa3D

Size matters: The large build volumes of Nexa3D printers support the printing of large molds and mold inserts. Copyright: Nexa3D

Image: 6 mold sets; Copyright: Nexa3D

A one-day design / print / mold cycle: 6 mold sets printed in one batch. Copyright: Nexa3D

Image: LSPc-Membrane; Copyright: Nexa3D

The Nexa3D LSPc membrane allows massive parts to be printed with ease. Copyright: Nexa3D

Low-volume injection molding

Entry of Nexa3D

Image: 3D-printed mold inserts; Copyright: Nexa3D

A new design is born: 3D-printed mold inserts allow customization in mass manufacturing. Copyright: Nexa3D.

Image: End result; Copyright: Nexa3D

The end result: An art-to-part journey shaving 40% off the mold design cycle. Copyright: Nexa3D

Collaborating for the common good

Image: Glenn Mason; Copyright: Wilson Sporting Goods

Glen Mason sold his injection molding company to Wilson Sporting Goods and joined them to head their advanced manufacturing efforts. Copyright: Wilson Sporting Goods

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