From the 3D printer to the dishwasher: researchers develop biodegradable support material

Interview with Lars Schmohl and Frederik Gutbrod, Research Associates, Institute of Polymer Technology, University of Stuttgart

Image: 3D printer additively manufacturing a plastic structure; Copyright: leungchopan

Copyright: leungchopan


Image: Lars Schmohl; Copyright: IKT

Lars Schmohl. Copyright: IKT

Image: Frederik Gutbrod; Copyright: IKT

Frederik Gutbrod; Copyright: IKT

Image: finished print with support structures; Copyright: IKT

Finished print with support structures. Copyright: IKT

Image: Surface of the component after the dissolving process; Copyright: IKT

Surface of the component after the dissolving process. Copyright: IKT

Image: Filament roll; Copyright: IKT

Filament roll. Copyright: IKT

Image: Support structures; Copyright: IKT

The support structures consist of 40 % PHBV, 10 % PEG and 50 % ultrafine table salt. Copyright: IKT

Elena Blume (Editorial team K-MAG)

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