Materials and Design -- K Trade Fair

Materials and Design

Photo: Chris Lefteri

Chris Lefteri


Photo: Tactile, Photographer: Gianni Diliberto

The aesthetic of plastic

Photo: Cheese slicer, Photographer Gianni Diliberto

One Plastic, One Product




The aesthetic of plastic

Photo: Soft tactility: a sense of human touch introduced through soft, tactile patterns. Photo by Gianni Diliberto.

One Plastic, One Product

Photo: Cheese slicer, Photo by Gianni Diliberto.


Searn Carney, Philips

Sean Carney

Alastair Curtis, Logitech

Alastair Curtis

Alexis Olans Haass, adidas

Alexis Olans Haass

Petra Cullmann, Messe Düsseldorf, photography by Gianni Diliberto

Petra Cullmann

Ivy Ross, Google

Ivy Ross


Interview with Sean Carney

Photo: Portait of Sean Carney

Interview with Alastair Curtis

Photo: Portait of Alastair Curtis

Interview with Alexis Olans Haass

Photo: Alexis Olans Haass

Interview with Petra Cullmann

Petra Cullmann, photography by Gianni Diliberto

Hot Topics at K 2019

Plastics Industry 4.0

The level of digital interconnectivity influences your company’s success. Realising smart factories is now within reach.
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Plastics for Sustainable Development

Nowadays it is not enough to evaluate materials solely based on their functionality. Their sustainability is gaining importance, as well.
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Systems Integration

Exceptional times require exceptional materials. Polymers can be designed expediently and efficiently for the required application.
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Young Professionals

Machines and technology are not the key players in our industrialised world. Humans take centre stage and achieve progress with their knowledge, experience and skill.
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