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Renewable energies

"We need renewable raw materials" – Dr. Markus Steilemann, Covestro AG

Interview with Dr. Markus Steilemann, CEO of Covestro AG

Copyright: Covestro AG

Dr. Markus Steilemann (Copyright: Covestro AG)

Manfred Hackl, CEO der EREMA Group

Copyright: EREMA Group

"Recycled plastics contribute considerably to climate protection"

Interview with Manfred Hackl, CEO of EREMA Group

Copyright: EREMA Group

Copyright: EREMA Group

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Interview with Jochen Eisenbrand, curator of the exhibition "Plastics. Remaking the World" and Chief Curator, Vitra Design Museum

Brave new world – how design makes the plastics industry more sustainable

When the first plastic was developed 150 years ago, it was a miracle for people at the time. Around 1950, the material contributed significantly to the economic miracle of the post-war period. Today, in view of the climate crisis, little is left of this image. In its exhibition "Plastic. Remaking Our World", the Vitra Design Museum wants to show how plastic can contribute to solving problems.
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Taking the fight to microplastics with lasers

The newly developed laser-drilled microplastic filter filters out tiny microplastic particles in wastewater. As part of the "SimConDrill" project, 59 million holes with a diameter of ten micrometers were drilled into a filter sheet using a multi-beam process. The process was developed at the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT.
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