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Your prescription is being 3D printed


We recently reported on the first 3D-printed pharmaceutical to be approved by FDA. A German pharmacist wants to take the potential of that technology further: Mahmudur Rahman, founder and CEO of 3D Printer Drug Machine, has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to develop an all-encompassing, patient-specific pharmaceutical 3D printer and web-based ordering system.

Contributions to the fund-raising effort "will be used to make a unique web application and database where patients order the drug," writes Rahman on the Indiegogo page. Some of the money will go toward research of polymer formulations with the proper drug-release properties, some "will be used in a web-based application where patient data is stored and the rest will be used to make the 3D printer come to light," adds Rahman.

Speaking with, Rahman said that he uses a combination of traditional and custom filament for the drug-laced materials. "We modify it to be edible and make it dissolve in a certain time period. We also look at the toxicity of the materials and whether they give any unwanted effects."

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