Wood-plastic composites seeing rising growth in U.S. and Far East -- K Trade Fair

Wood-plastic composites seeing rising growth in U.S. and Far East


The wood-plastic composite (WPC) market is experiencing rising market growth, particularly in the United States and the Far East, as cost-efficient machinery concepts with high line speeds and output rates, and new applications are stimulating the global WPC industry. That was the conclusion by battenfeld-cincinnati after the recent 10th annual Wood-Plastic Composite Conference, held Nov. 3-5 in Vienna, Austria, organized by Applied Market Information (AMI), UK.

What is true for plastics processing in general is equally true for WPC processing specifically: with up to 80%, the material costs take up the largest share in overall production costs. With the aim of reducing these costs, a trend toward more co-extrusion applications is currently emerging in the industry; simultaneously, the demand is rising for low-cost fillers such as rice husks, mineral fillers or recycled fibers. There is, at the same time, an increase in demand for cost-efficient machinery concepts to reduce the overall costs, especially for the main product line of decking profiles, for concepts which offer high production and also ensure high-end product quality, according to battenfeld-cincinnati.

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