Wisconsin Thermoset Molding and Rose Polymer Composites merge


Wisconsin Thermoset Molding (WTM) Inc. and Rose Polymer Composites LLC announced a merger of the two companies. The transaction positions the firms to act as a one-stop-shop solution for small and large composite molded components that can be tailored for superior thermal and mechanical performance.

"The merger will give customers access to technology that will help them get their products to market quicker and at the lowest overall cost," said Andy Stroh, VP of Sales for WTM. "Additionally, it will give each company capabilities that they do not currently have. For example, at WTM we have a fully capable tool room to build jigs, fixtures, prototype molds and to perform maintenance. Rose Polymer was sending their tool maintenance and repairs out. Now we do all their tool maintenance and this helps us maintain control of the tooling, get it fixed quickly and back into the machine and keep productivity high."

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