Wintec injection machines debut in Korea; challenge local, Chinese OEMs


Engel's China-based commodity injection machine offshoot Wintec officially debuted its machines in the Korean market at Koplas, promising to go head-to-head with local suppliers. Wintec president Peter Auinger says 15 machines are already in the field in Korea with another five on the way, and primarily operating in the auto and white goods fields.

Auinger notes that large molders serving the auto sector in Korea and elsewhere typically run two types of injection machines: high performance machines for challenging applications that could come from Engel as well as standard machines for commodity-type applications that may come from Korean or Chinese OEMs. Wintec machines, which offer the same performance as Engel machines, but offer less options and customizability to the processor, are a more than viable alternative according to Auinger. "Additional advantages are that they use the same controller and the processor can also stock the same spares." Machine pricing is reportedly slightly higher than leading high-end Chinese machine builders but close to Korean machine pricing.

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