Wintec emphasizes total cost of ownership of made-in-China machines


Engel affiliate Wintec (booth 12.1F41) started manufacturing twin two-platen machines in Changzhou, China, last year to the same exacting specifications Engel machine users have been accustomed to, albeit with less available options. And first adopters are reportedly coming back for more based on their experiences with the initial machines delivered from the factory floor.

According to Peter Auinger, President of Wintec, data returned from end users has indicated a machine availability of 98 percent compared with 82 percent for standard Chinese injection presses from competing machine suppliers, productivity increases of 23 percent due to reduced cycle times, and 63 percent less energy consumption as independently tested by the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of Plastic Machinery (achieving level 1 under the GB/T 30200-2013 standard). The two-platen machines are also 78% smaller, meaning more presses can be fitted under one roof.

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