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Why inventors need to educate themselves about moldmaking


I love writing about inventors and am always amazed at the great ideas they come up with, many of which turn out to be successful products. That's why I love watching Shark Tank. Many of the inventors come up with ideas involving plastics, which require building a mold. That's often a real challenge for these inventors.

The first obstacle is getting a mold built. Over the years, I've talked to many inventors who would visit the injection molding/moldmaking company where I worked to show me their great idea and talk about making a mold. The estimated price I gave them was always a shocker. Their part looked so small and so simple—how could it possibly cost so much for a mold!

I remember one elderly couple that came into the office one day with an invention they called the Beater Bib. It was to be a round, flat polypropylene lid with two holes in the top that would fit on a bowl in which cooks could whip cream, instant puddings and similar foods. The "Beater Bib" would keep the whipped cream, toppings and pudding from splattering out of the bowl and onto counter tops and cabinets by putting the beaters through the two holes and whipping the substances with the lid in place.

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