Westminster Tool hosts open house -- K Trade Fair

Westminster Tool hosts open house


Westminster Tool Inc. will host an open house on Friday, September 19, at the company's Plainfield, CT, facility to showcase its key strategic investments that have allowed Westminster to provide its unique business philosophy, 'Bridging the Gap Between Concept & Production,' to OEM and contract manufacturing customers.

Westminster is a supplier of molds and injection molded and machined components for the aerospace, military and defense industries. Westminster Tool Inc. and its Westminster Solutions division, specialized in building molds to accommodate the molding of high-temperature engineering thermoplastics such as PEEK, PBT, LCP, PAI (Torlon), PEI (Ultem), PBA and PPA among others. Additionally, Westminster is a Solvay-certified processor of Torlon, and understands the properties and nuances of designing and building molds for and molding, this material.

"The high temperatures that are required to mold many of these materials used in aerospace applications mean that normal fits, clearances and interlocking features typically found in conventional injection molds, won't work," said Mark Ypsilantis, vice president of marketing and sales of Westminster Tool. "These materials are typically filled with glass fiber or carbon and are definitely more challenging to work with."

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