Virent and Coca-Cola expand partnership on 100% bio-PET -- K Trade Fair

Virent and Coca-Cola expand partnership on 100% bio-PET


The Coca-Cola Co. is making an additional investment in the development and commercialization of Virent's bio-based paraxylene, BioFormP, Virent announced today. This investment will enable the company to scale up separation and purification of BioFormPX material at its demonstration plant in Madison, WI.

Virent has developed catalytic chemistry to convert plant-based materials into a full range of products identical to those made from petroleum. PET made from Virent's bio-based paraxylene features the same high quality and recyclability as the petroleum-based materials traditionally used, with the added benefit of being made from a wide range of renewable materials. In the course of the collaboration with Coca-Cola, Virent has progressed its PX technology to commercial readiness, improved the process economics and produced bio-based PX which has been converted by Coca-Colainto 100% bio-based PET bottles. This new investment will allow production of larger quantities of BioFormPX material.

Virent and Coca-Cola have been working together since 2011, when the companies signed the initial joint development and supply agreements to investigate the use of Virent's paraxylene as a route to 100% renewable PlantBottle PET resin.

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