Verstraete provides new look for Philadelphia Brazil


Global label developer and manufacturer Verstraete IML (Maldegem, Belgium) is known for its innovations in labels for in-mold labeling applications. When Mondelez Brazil introduced a redesigned package for its Philadelphia cream cheese, it chose a rounded design to eliminate sharp corners and make it easier for consumers to spoon out the product more easily. It also reinforces the brand's visual identity, because retailers can now stack the product more efficiently on store shelves. Mondelez launched the new packaging in Brazil in September 2014, and it has been widely available since January 2015.

Mondelez Brazil selected in-mold labeling (IML) packaging because of the outstanding print quality and the ability to decorate all sides of the packaging with a single label. It also opted for DoubleSided IML—labels that are printed on both sides—offering more marketing opportunities. Mondelez now prints recipes inside the lids.

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