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VIP launches lower cost range of waterproofing solutions

So VIP`s research and development department was set the task of formulating a lower cost range of spay-applied instant curing flexible waterproofing membranes that still provides exceptional benefits to the waterproofing market. The new range of waterproofing specific products are called QuickSeal and include cartridge application systems, low pressure and high pressure spray systems.VIP says a new low pressure spray application unit will soon be released to cater for small to medium size applications reducing mobilisation costs associated with large high pressure application equipment. Features and benefits of QuickSeal include: spray applied, instant curing flexible membrane; very fast application time; tack-free in seconds - walk on in minutes; rapid return to service - saves time and money; no welding of joints - totally seamless; good adhesion to nearly all substrates - concrete, steel, aluminium, fibreglass, wood, foam etc.; can transgress multiple substrate types in one application; good tensile and structural strength; no need to use protector boards when back filling; 100 % solids, VOC-free, solvent-free; UV, chlorine and salt water resistant; good abrasion and impact resistance; good thermal stability.