Una-Dyn pursues smart growth in its operations and product portfolio


Growth is good. Smart growth is better, and that's what Universal Dynamics Inc. (Una-Dyn; Woodbridge, VA) is pursuing, as it adds 35,000 square feet of assembly and office space to its operations. The auxiliary equipment maker is looking forward to spreading the news, as well as presenting recent product developments, at NPE2015 later this month in Orlando, FL.

"We are in the third year of our Kaizen/Lean Improvement project," Bill Goldfarb, President, told PlasticsToday. The goal is to find ways to implement continuous improvement in operations and "add value as products move through the facility while eliminating waste. Our expansion will further this goal," Goldfarb adds, by streamlining production flow. The company currently has 75,000 square feet of production and office space spread across two buildings.

The expansion project has an 18-month timeline, says Goldfarb. "The civil engineering and architectural drafts are done; we are now in the permitting phase."

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