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USB promotes 33 new soy-based products

The new products containing soy range, for example, from downhole crude oil recovery aides to Nascar racing tyres. More than 800 soy-based products have been developed since 1990 with USB support. According to the USB, soy products often contain fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) than traditional products, which contribute to air safety for workers and product consumers. Soybean oil also has good solvency and lubricity, as noted by USB, and the higher flashpoints of soybean oil derivatives provide additional safety benefits when used in products like transformers. The list of products developed with USB support in 2014 includes new additions to some popular soy-based product categories, such as plastics, adhesives, and rubber: Plastics: Eco Ultimate Silencer - Foam underlayment and carpet cushion by Foam Products Corp.Eco Silencer HD FOF - A high-density-foam underlayment for floors by Foam Products Corp.Betafoam Renue - Sound-deadening foam by Dow Chemical that is used in carsAutomotive seating for GM cars - Foam made with soy polyols by Lear CorporationTSE EcoWind - A polyurethane resin with soy oil for filament winding by TSE Industries, Inc. Rubber: Nascar Racing Tyres - Soybean oil used in rubber compounds by Goodyear Tire & Rubber Coatings/Printing inks: Avicor 384 and Avicor 385 - Low-VOC architectural latex paints by CelaneseBeckosol AQ 400 - Traffic line paint by Reichhold Adhesives: Liquamelt - A new adhesive system for wood by H. B. FullerCedarSafe - 4'x8' flakeboard panels used to make cedar closets made with Soyad soy-based adhesive by Giles & Kendall, Inc. Hardwood plywood panels - Made with Soyad soy-based adhesive by States Industries, LLC, and available in home-improvement storesPangua PureGlue - Plywood with Soyad soy-based adhesive made by Panguaneta S.P.A.NU Green - Particleboard and thermofused laminates by Uniboard Canada that replace formaldehyde with Soyad soy-based adhesive Paper: AW-130SB, AW-140SB, AW-150SB - Soy wax emulsions for paper and packaging applications by A&W ProductsPSA50MA and A5060 - Binders for paper and paperboard made by Applied Protein Systems Solvents: Elevance Clean 1200 - Zero-VOC metal degreaser made by Elevance Renewable SciencesECO-300 and MFS-Green - Oil-storage-tank cleaners made by FloTek industries Lubricants: GEOlube SCO - Oil-well-drilling lubricants by GEO Specialty ChemicalsConcert GC-350 - A grease-processing aid made by Elevance Renewable Sciences Emerging industrial opportunities: StimOil FBA M, StimOil FBA Plus, StimOil EC, and StimOil EN - Downhole crude oil recovery aides by FloTek industriesAzelaic acid - A soy-derived product by Emery Oleochemicals that is used in Nylon 6.9 and greasesPelargonic acid - A soy-derived product used in paints, inks and greases by Emery Oleochemicals Wax: Soy-based candles - Bennington Candle CompanySoy-based candles - Coyer Candle CompanySoy-based candles - Prize Candle Company