UHMWPE chains lighter, quieter alternative to conventional versions


Norway-based Load Solutions AS is officially launching a series of innovative lightweight synthetic chains fabricated from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fiber made by DSM Dyneema at the BreakBulk Europe 2015 show May 18-21 in Antwerp, Belgium. The chains bring numerous advantages, including weight savings, neither rattling nor noise when dragged or dropped, soft touch, no violent recoil, and chemical and corrosion resistance.

Available on the market since January of this year, the new chain has reportedly been hailed for its outstanding performance by users across a wide range of industries, from shipping, mining and oil and gas to commercial fishing. Already, Load Solutions is seeing very sizable new orders and reorders from initial customers. Commercial field trials are ongoing globally in various industrial branches to further expand the commercial market opportunities for Tycan.

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