Trelleborg divests rubber boots facility -- K Trade Fair


Trelleborg divests rubber boots facility

The Swedish group is active in the production of polymer boots for drive shaft (constant velocity joints) and steering systems (rack and pinion) for light vehicles. Trelleborg supplies boots in TPEs and in rubber. The company said that market demand for TPE boots for constant velocity joints and rack and pinion is steadily increasing, while demand for rubber boots is shrinking. Therefore it is divesting its Spanish business operation that solely manufactures rubber boots for constant velocity joints. The divestment does not affect the company's TPE boots operations. Sales from the operation in 2013 amounted to approximately SEK 150 million. The transaction is expected to be concluded in the third quarter of 2014. "The rationale behind this deal is straightforward. There is an ongoing technology shift and TPE boots are rapidly gaining market share at the expense of rubber boots. We will now put more emphasis on the faster-growing part of the light vehicle boot segment. Moreover, the TPE boot segment is a niche where we have a strong global position, and we will continue to capitalize on our technology and global capabilities in this market,” says Mikael Fryklund, President of the Trelleborg Industrial Solutions business area. "We believe a new owner of the operation is better placed to develop it and able to supplement shrinking production of rubber boots with new products, to maintain the operation in Spain,” concludes Mikael Fryklund.