Hutchinson changes its name to Aigles -- K Trade Fair
[dim_it:pic_desc]At the time, most French people worked on farms. They spent large amounts of time outdoors in all weather conditions not just because they loved Mother Nature, who fed them – and whose caprices they were exposed to practically unprotected. Whereas they were sometimes scorched by the sun, it rained for days or weeks at other times – not to mention the additional problems caused by ice and snow. When it rained hard enough, fertile soil in no time at all became a swamp, which was thoroughly unpleasant to wade through, especially at wet and cold times of the year. It was not unusual for the wooden clogs that were in widespread use as footwear at the time to get stuck in the mire or even to disappear in the boggy mud, never to be seen again. In a nutshell: although wooden clogs proved to be a viable solution for country people, they were not ideal. This is where the US engineer Hiram Hutchinson (1808-1869) came in. (Source: Aigles)[/dim_it:pic_desc]